Was Oscar De La Hoya sick when Boxing Manny Pacquiao? Leija speaks out
By Johnny Benz, DoghouseBoxing.com (Dec 14, 2008)  
The retired former world champ, "Jesse" James Leija thinks there was something wrong with Oscar De La Hoya when he fought and lost to Manny Pacquiao. Leija who lost by second round TKO when he fought De La Hoya in 1995, thinks De La Hoya may have been sick.

Speaking to the San Antonio Express-News, Leija recently stated: “I think something was wrong with Oscar. Maybe he was sick. But something was not right.”

Leija doesn't believe muscle loss was a factor for De La Hoya because if it was, De La Hoya would have faded in the middle rounds, but De La Hoya faded the moment the first round start.

In regards to losing muscle mass, Leija stated: “Even if that were true, you're still strong in the early rounds but fade midway through the fight. Oscar had nothing from the opening bell.”

Leija feels De La Hoya had an impressive career and will not be remembered just for his fight with Pacquiao. “He fought the best fighters in the world,” Leija said, adding: “He doesn't have anything to prove anymore. What he's done for the sport is incredible.”

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