Latest surrounding Boxing's Mike Tyson is Total Crap! Leave Tyson alone!
By Johnny Benz, (Dec 16, 2008)  
It seems that making fun of Mike Tyson has become a sport for many writers. The latest headlines comes from Australian news sources. Two articles stand out. One from Paul Kent, for Fox Sports AU and the other is from Nick Markham of

Both article read like carbon copies of one another. It almost seems as if one re-wrote what the other was writing...but that is only my opinion. Both articles make fun of Tyson for being fatter than he was when he was a professional prize fighter.

I mean seriously, is this where we are at? Making fun of people's weight? This is news?! I don't like to make fun of anyone's writing or anyone for that matter. So I will refrain from really sinking my teeth into these writers.

Both articles make jokes in reference to Mike Tyson eating Lennox Lewis's children. Indicating this could be the reason behind Tyson's weight gain.

But perhaps the most foolish part in both articles is how both article end claiming that Tyson is investing $50 a month in the Stock markets through State Farm Insurance. That is utter bull shit and poor research on the writers behalf. But I am sure with the tone of the articles in question being used to make fun of Tyson.... I highly doubt the writers were looking for real facts. The information of Tyson paying $50 a month to play the stock market came from and it was filed under SATIRE. Of course it was Satire....a Parody, a Joke, fake, not real! The article first appeared over a year ago and was reposted this week on the

C'mon people... is making fun of someone's weight and making them out to look financially incapable real journalism? Is taking information from a "Satire" article found on the internet and using it as factual, real reporting? Is this stuff really worth reporting?

I can only wonder what kind of editors they have at Fox Sports AU and Who would allow garbage like that to be printed and who wouldn't make sure the $50 stock market bit wasn't real and confirmed by a reliable source other than a Satire article.

In my opinion, both of these writers not only own Tyson an apology for printing false information, but also for scrapping the bottom of the barrel to make fun of Tyson's weight.

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