Boxing gets Dissed by UFC President Dana White - Floyd Mayweather Jr wins Again!
By Johnny Benz (Jan 21, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Recently the UFC came to its senses and decided to reschedule it's May 1st card to May 8th. May 1st is the date set aside for Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Shane Mosley (should the fight come off) and the UFC has gone up against "Money" Mayweather Jr. in the past only to lose miserably in the pay-per-view ratings.

Dana White the president for the UFC does not come across as happy about rescheduling the event, UFC 113 at the Bell Centre in Montreal Canada.

Speaking to the Canadian press by way of a text message, White stated: "We were trying not to go the same night as boxing but these guys can't get out of their own way."

White did not stop there, he went on to further diss the sport of Boxing, calling it dysfunctional and a Joke. "I have never seen anything so dysfunctional as boxing," stated White, adding "It's a joke."

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