Boxing Pound for Pound King is Floyd Mayweather Jr not Manny Pacquiao
By Johnny Benz (March 18, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Shane Mosley this coming May 1st. Its a fight that is sure to give the kind of fireworks one would expect when two excellent fighters face off. I honestly think this is the best fight to come along since Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez.

Should "Money" Mayweather Jr. defeat "Sugar" Shane Mosley in a convincing fashion, then I think its high time we start rethinking the top 10 Pound for Pound List. Right now, Manny Pacquiao is certified the Pound for
Pound king on most list that matter... but that should not be the case.

Now this next paragraph is just for honest die-hard boxing fans who really know what they are talking about.

Be honest, who do you really think is the pound for pound best? If you are honest with yourself, you'd pick Floyd Mayweather Jr. Don't get me wrong, I know Pacquiao is awesome and skillful... but you know, even if it's just deep inside you... you know Mayweather Jr. is even more skillful, more awesome. You do not really need to read someone's top 10 list to know which boxer really should be truly ranked the Pound for Pound best.

I am not sure I am at all cool with Pacquiao being recognized as the P4P champ right now... but as I stated earlier, if "Money" Mayweather gets by "Sugar" Shane in a convincing manner... then even critics and Pound for Pound list makers need to seriously wake up, stop being total dickheads and rethink their top spot.

I do not buy the idea that "Money" Mayweather Jr. needs to fight Manny Pacquiao to take the top spot from him. I think it is Pacquiao that needs to fight Mayweather to truly be recognized as P4P best.

Pacquiao became the P4P king by default when "Money" Mayweather went on his sabbatical. And now that "Money" Mayweather is back, personally I do not think Pacquiao has done anything to keep his rank over "Money" Mayweather. Ok, so Pacquiao beat up Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya... but lets not forget "Money" Mayweather did that as well and did it before Pacquiao did. Also can't forget that Mayweather Jr. came back out of retirement and made easy work out of Juan Manuel Marquez... something that Pacquiao has never done.... and there is still talk of Pacquiao vs Marquez III to clear up doubts... but Mayweather left no doubt against Marquez in only one spectacular outing.

C'mon guys... who do you really think is the Pound For Pound King? What has Pacquiao really done to keep the P4P title, one he got out of default when "Money" Mayweather quit the game for a year and a half? Pacquiao did beat up Miguel Cotto... but Cotto got beat up by Antonio Margarito before Pacquiao got to him... and Antonio Margarito went on to get his ass handed to him by Shane Mosley.

Another point, lets say "Money" Mayweather never took a break for that year and a half and therefore Pacquiao never became P4P champ by default (as "Money" Mayweather would still have the title)... would Pacquiao be the P4P champ now? NO! What on Pacquiao's record would have been the silver-bullet that said he was better than "Money" Mayweather? NOTHING! What would have been the fight that proved Pacquiao would have succeeded over "Money" Mayweather to become the P4P king? There is absolutely no point on Pacquiao's record that says he has over passed Mayweather as the P4P king.

Before "Money" Mayweather went on his little break, the only way Pacquiao would be known as the P4P champ is if he faced and beat "Money" Mayweather.

Look, I am not a Pacquiao-hater, far from it (He is one of my all time favorite fighters)... and I know my words probably enrage many of his fans... I am not trying to upset anyone, and I certainly do not write fluff articles just to get Manny Pacquiao fans to tickle my arse and praise my talents... but I am being man enough to give you my honest feelings and opinions on the matter.

The other day I wrote an article in which I felt both Mayweather and Pacquiao should be P4P champ (Tied.) I have since come to change my mind. I don't think Floyd Mayweather Jr is the Pound for Pound King.... I know he is!

There I said it. I feel free! I am no longer living the lie. Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. is the P4P champ! And if he defeats "Sugar" Shane... then I expect the rest of you to come back to reality and start talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr. as Number 1 and not Number 2 (stop being fools!) Its time to stop insulting your own intelligence... you know who is the better skilled P4P fighter. You knew it when "Money" Mayweather retired for a brief period and nothing has changed! The King is Back...and it's time to recognize that Floyd "Money" Mayweather was and still is the Pound for Pound King.

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