Floyd Mayweather Jr is Ready - Three Reasons Why the Layoff won't Hurt
By John Benz (Mar 23, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
Everyone wants it, and all are expecting it. The return of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is something that Boxing could use right now. A talented fighter such as Maywether Jr. is hard to come by, and filling the void left when he retired is obviously next to impossible.

The rumors of Mayweather Jr's return to the sport have become rampant in recent weeks, and although it still isn't official, one can't help but feel some excitement over the prospect of such a talent returning.
Make no mistake, the skills Mayweather Jr. possess is eye candy to those who truly savor the sweetness in the science.

With just about a year and a half of his self imposed exile from the sport, one can only hope that Mayweather Jr. has been keeping a handle on his skills. Some may consider the time spent away from the sport far too long, but I disagree.

Here are 3 reasons I feel the layoff will not hurt Mayweather Jr.

First, most big name fighters these days rarely fight twice a year. You are lucky to get one fight out of them let alone two in a year's period. Yeah I know, it is a shame... but it is true. Most if not all top Boxers fight in a manner that says they are semi-retired anyway.

Second, a year and a half from his prime isn't nearly as bad say... 3 or 4 years. Muhammad Ali spent 4 years and Mike Tyson spent 3 years away from the sport. In both cases it wasn't because they wanted to be gone for those years. Ali was forced by the US Government into exile from the sport after refusing to take part in the Vietnam war. Tyson went to prison after being found guilty of rape. Ali came back, not as good as he was, but still had enough magic left to dazzle. Tyson on the other hand never seemed motivated again. Mayweather Jr. won't comeback as an unmotivated Tyson, if anything he'll come back as Ali... an Ali without nearly as much time off.

Third, Mayweather Jr. is not the kind of fighter who wants to make the highlight reels for getting knocked out. He is obsessed with looking "Pretty" inside the ring. I think his biggest fear, even more than losing, would be to lose by knock out. You can tell by Mayweather's persona that he doesn't want photographs or video out there showing him doing a rendition of Zab Judah's famous Chicken Dance. He doesn't want to be the next Queer Street Poster boy. The way Mayweather Jr. lives his life outside of the ring, is the same way he lives it inside of the ring. He wants to look like a Million Bucks no matter where he is, and to his credit he pulls it off. Basically, Mayweather Jr. won't come back if his layoff has any chance of hurting his picture perfect style.

Of course I could come up with much more reasons as to why Mayweather Jr's self imposed sabbatical won't hurt his skills or hamper his greatness... but what's the point? The point is that he is special. He is above the fold. We expect greatness from him... anything less just wouldn't be Mayweather Jr.

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