Ricky Hatton speaks: Hatton confides in who his Best Friend is
By John Benz (Mar 25, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
Fans of Ricky Hatton will certainly be glued to their TV's on May 2nd as Hatton takes on Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas. In a recent article by Rick Bowen for Messenger Newspapers.co.uk, Hatton discussed many topics. Amongst the topics he discussed was the subject of who his best friend is.

In regards to who his best friend is, Hatton stated it was his younger brother, who is also a fighter, Matthew. Hatton stated: “We’re not just gym mates and training partners but we’re best friends.
He’s my best mate really, he’s not just my brother."

Hatton also went on to discuss how proud he is of his brother. Hatton is proud that Matthw has made a name for himself and is no longer known as Ricky Hatton's younger brother.

"In the early days of his career Matthew was known as Ricky Hatton’s little brother. Now he’s making a name for himself in his own right and it makes you feel very, very proud,” said Hatton.

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