Bernard Hopkins Speaks: On what he wouldn't Suggest to a Known Enemy
By John Benz (Mar 25, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
Bernard Hopkins had it rough growing up in Philadelphia. Surrounded by a high crime rate, drugs and prostitution, Hopkins had to work extra hard in life to escape the trap of his community.

Hopkins understands that not everyone is good at Boxing and can use it to escape. In a recent article by Ashley Fox for, Hopkins had a message for Kids who might be growing up the same way he did and are also looking for a way out.

Hopkins emphasized the importance of Education, stating: "Everybody can't box their way out or dribble a ball. That's already been established. I'm not saying they shouldn't try, but I think if you get all the education you can get, you got a better chance of getting a good job and establishing a situation than making it in boxing."

Hopkins went on to add: "With me, it was something different and unusual. I didn't have an education, but my athleticism and my winning ways got me there. Then I had to think quickly, and I learned quickly, and I was fortunate. But it's not a path I would suggest to a known enemy."

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