A stupid Joke to Call Manny Pacquiao Boxer of the Year
The Hard Punch by John Benz (Mar 25, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
So the Boxing Writers Association (BWAA) has ruled in favor of making Manny Pacquiao their "Fighter of The Year." All I got to say to that is...what the hell for!? Actually, I have more to say on the matter, but I am not going to go deep on the subject.

There are plently of good reasons why I will never join or allow my name to be associated with the BWAA. They do nothing for me. Nothing. I have never applied for a membership and I never will. My
opinion, just a bunch of writers from newspapers and websites who actually think they are important. Countless times I've read about their awards going to to themselves (Members of the BWAA) and also to underserving boxers.

What the hell did Manny Pacquiao do to be the Fighter of the Year? Beat a dehydrated Oscar De la Hoya? Was it his fight with David Diaz or his split decision victory with Juan Manuel Marquez? Sure, by today's standards Pacquiao fought a lot in 2008.... but if that's what the resume of Fighter of the Year looks like... then the sport is in truly bad shape. But then you'd have to believe the BWAA's award is important.  Calzaghe who recently retired, in his last 3 fights, he defeated Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins and Mikkel Kessler. That blows away what Pacquiao did.

You know what, there are countless Boxers who deserve Fighter of the Year before Manny Pacquiao. Is the BWAA made up of writers, or a bunch of Cheerleaders? I am going with the latter.

Media Members need to get off Pacquiao's Jock.

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