The Dogs React to 5 fights for Floyd Mayweather Jr
By John Benz and DogPounders (Mar 25, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
Recently I wrote a piece on 5 opponents for Floyd Mayweather Jr., not including Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya or Manny Pacquiao. I have since gotten a lot of great feedback from members of our very popular forum, DogPound.

For you to enjoy, I've compiled a list of some of the responses brought forth by our forum members. The responses are unedited. Enjoy!

TurboTime writes, Am I the only one that hates Marquez, Forrest and Valero for Floyd....

BrutalBk writes (in response to TurboTime): Valero, I agree but I'd like to see him vs Marquez or Forrest because both of them are very solid technical fighters.

VF presents a serious problem because of his reach, style and overall experience in the ring, the same can be said about JMM, except you'd have to add in that his defense is better than Forrest'.

I would love to see Floyd take on the same guys plus Forrest, it's not likely though that he'll face anyone except maybe Pac and JMM and then retire.....again!

biga_92127 writes: I don't think Valero would ever be in serious consideration for Floyd. Too unknown of an entity. Vernon would be a good fight but I don't think it'll happen because the risk/reward factor.

I have a feeling it may be JMM. In Floyd's mind, it may be the perfect opponent. He's popular, a top tier boxer and JMM probably won't shy away from meeting at 147 which pretty much gives Floyd every advantage plus the added bonus of being a good setup for a fight with Pac if he beats Hatton.

WhenWeWereKings writes: Mayweather vs Marquez, September 12th or 19th. HBO PPV. The only thing I'm unsure of is what weight class they'll fight at. It'll probably be welterweight though.

biga_92127 in response to WhenWeWereKing writes: I agree and JMM would take that without a doubt.

TurboTime asks WhenWeWereKings for a source to his claim.

In response to TurboTime, WhenWeWereKings writes: Read between the lines my man, read between the lines.

-HBO can't afford to pay Mayweather without going to PPV
-HBO likes the Adamek-Hopkins fight for the July 11th date
-HBO isn't interested in running a PPV on the same night as the UFC 100 event
-HBO generally don't put big fights on in the month of August
-GBP promote JMM and are involved with Mayweather
-Mexican Independance Day weekend has been a PPV staple in recent years
-Marquez has become an attraction of sorts and called out Mayweather

Read between the lines.

the_hater™ in response to WhenWeWereKings writes: i'm holdin up my index,middle and ring finger... read between those lines.

WhenWeWereKings writes: You're slippin' hater. You're not as angry as you once were.

Shyne writes: Don't question the judgment of the Benz.

JayFee in response to my article writes: Crappy article

Champ4Ever writes: floyd calls the shots. it'll have to be at welterweight. it's puts abit of a question mark at that weight IMO if floyd beats him because it's not marquez's best weight, but we all know floyd is'nt going to go down in weight, not IMO he won't anyway.

it's difficult really because floyd is a small 147 lb fighter aswell, but you know that if he beats the likes of hatton again, pac, and marquez all at 147, then you know people will make excuses because of the weight as they all fight at smaller weight divisions

Crackaveli writes: cotto mayweather is the fight iv always wanted to see, i think cotto is all wrong for PBF.

saying that i would like to see pac vs floyd as well

raghavan1 in response to Champ4ever: Cotto is destroyed goods mang, Floyd would get no love for beating him to death again. Pacquiao is the fight now, it should be below 147 though and then perhaps pavlik at 160?

Champ4Ever's 5 picks for Floyd Mayweather Jr:

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