Manny Pacquiao hands Britney Spears a Beating! Britney Goes Down!
By John Benz (Mar 27, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
Ok, time now for another update on Time's Top 100 Most Influential People of 2009! So how's Manny Pacquiao doing? Yesterday the Filipino icon had officially cracked the top 10. Pacquiao was ranked 9 out of just over 200 possible candidates. So where does Pacquiao stand today? Well yesterday Pacquiao was behind music star Britney Spears... but read below and you'll find that Pacquiao now holds the smack down over Spears.

As of early Today, Friday Morning, Pacquiao jumped from number 9 to 6th position! Not bad at
all considering what I stated before... there are over 200 candidates for this year's poll. Of course, voting is still going on, so Pacquiao's rank could improve or degrade. So make sure you click the link provided below and cast your vote!

The top 10 as of now is as follows: "Moot" still holds top spot, "Paul Kagame" takes over 2nd spot, while "Rain" slips to 3rd position. Steve Colbert holds 4th, followed by Politician "Ron Paul" at the number 5 spot. Pacquiao who was ranked 9 as of yesterday does a big jump up the ranks to number 6. The 7th place is held by "Jon Stewart" of the Daily Show, while 8th place goes to Stephenie Moyer. 9th which was held yesterday by Pacquiao is now held by "Britney Spears" (Yesterday Spears was ranked at 7.) Eric Holder now sits in 10th place.

Other notables: Russian Priminister, Vladimr Putin sits at 13, followed by USA's President, Barack Obama at 14

To see Yesterday's Top 10: Click Here: 
Britney Spears Holds a beat down over Manny Pacquiao.

Yesterday I pleaded with readers to get Manny Pacquiao ranked above Britney Spears. The battle isn't done yet. There is still time to help Pacquiao's rank improve as well as degrade his score. So make your vote count. CLICK HERE.

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