Dogs attack Cracking the Floyd Mayweather Jr Puzzle: Is it possible?
By John Benz (Mar 27, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
There is no better place to check the pulse of fans than to visit a forum like our DogPound here at at DoghouseBoxing. With the buzz being created by the anticipated return of Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight fans can't stop talking. In a recent thread started by a forum member, Dogpounder's attacked the topic, "Cracking The Floyd Mayweather Jr Puzzle, Is it possible?"

I've compiled for your reading enjoyment some of the responses posted by our members. I've left
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Here now is the responses from DogPounders. The topic was started by DogPounder Eric T. Eric T writes in regards to Cracking the Floyd Mayweather Jr Puzzle: How does one do it??? Discuss.

In response to Eric T, Grkthug99 writes: Very simple, Floyd has to get caught FLUSH and put to sleep . Other then that he can adapt . Only someone with a bug punch can beat Floyd.

In response to Grkthug99, Eric T writes: "I think a lot of guys he fought make the mistake of throwing straight rights only to have them rolled off his shoulder, you need your punch to go over his shoulder and then down, a bowling type motion.

I think a good counter puncher with a lot of speed might beat him.

TigerTheLion writes: Is this actually a serious thread? Shouldn't this be in the lounge?

Ali writes: to beat a guy like maywether you need to have a good strong snapping jab to disrupt his a decent body puncher because if you are solely a head hunter he will block most of the shots, if you go up and down you would be more effective in landing punches, a guy with decent footwork would also help to get out of the way of maywethers second and third attacks, he should also change up his right hand from the body in a looping type to go around the right elbow, then throw it slightly overhand to the head,sometimes throwing multpiles to the head,and because maywether usually bends to get away from right hands and leans to his right the opponents left,so throw the right and if it doesnt land follow it with a left uppercut.and another overhand right.and thats all i can think of right now i am sure i will think of more later.

Raghavan1 writes: When Ray Leonard fought Floyd Sr, he showed how to crack the shoulder roll. Fast footwork, get in and out and throw a lot of left hooks, because the right will never land.

The jab is ineffective as well. Best shot is the left hook and the straight left.

Or a fast southpaw with good footwork, who gets in and out and with a good straight left. Now where have we heard about such a fighter??

Thats right, Manny Paquioao. He might crack the puzzle.

In response to Raghavan, ReggieJay writes: From what I saw in Leonard - Mayweather, Leonard was frustrated by Mayweather's defense until he basically said "F*ck it, I'm a better athlete than this guy," and started exploiting his faster hands and faster feet to overwhelm Senior's defense. Senior, while bigger, isn't half the athlete his son happens to be IMO.

I personally think either a big, powerful southpaw pressure fighter that has either fast hands or a high workrate (or both) could overwhelm Mayweather. To my knowledge, he's never fought anyone remotely like that.

Raghavan1 writes: Very true Reggie. But once he said F*ck it, he started getting in and out and busting up Sr with his fast footwork. Also landing lefthooks inside. He did away with the jab.

If you mean Paul Williams, yeah he has a good chance. I agree that a southpaw has the best chance of beating Floyd. Guys like Manny, Williams and Ortiz.

Mikaztro writes: The only way Mayweather can be beaten is only Mayweather himself. I don't think anyone can defeat a prime Mayweather, unless of course Floyd got rusty and old overnight or perhaps fought after his prime days just like Roy, Whitaker and Leonard did.

I do agree that a good, fast, powerful southpaw might crack the Mayweather puzzle. I just don't think Pacquiao can. Pacman maybe fast and have good footwork but he lacks the size.

Maybe Paul Williams, but the way he was beaten by Quintana in their 1st fight, I seriously have doubts.

Raghavan1 in response to Mikazrto writes: What if the fight is at a catch weight below 147?

Mikazrto's reponse: That's a different story. fight at 140-143 will close the gap between Pacman and Floyd. I believe at 140 - 143, even JMM has an even bigger chance.

Ragahavan1 in repsonse to Mikazrto writes: Yeah, anything below 147 is fair for both the fighters. I wouldnt rule out Pacquioa's chances. Floyd showed that he is vulnerable against the straight left in the Judah fight.

Brutualbk writes in response to Ragahavan1: "I think what you said here and the first thing you said is the key to beating PBF but the real trick is that you have to be totally unpredictable when you fight Floyd because he reads an opponents eyes and can tell what they want to do to him almost before it happens so you can't let him read you.

I know that last part of the sentence sounds strange to some but in one interview I heard FMJr say that he can see what some of his opponents are seeing that they think they can do to him and he simply waits for them moves a step or 2 back or to the side (head movement, throw a block/shoulder roll, etc.) and then counters them.

This guy (Floyd) has been in the gym since he was 2 and has had thousands of sparring sessions over 85 Amateur fights and what now like 38 Pro fights or something like that, so he has seen it all.

A speedy, unpredictable SP with good power and a great defense is the key that it'll take to beat Floyd but right now, only PBF beats himself.

TKO'sFINIEST writes in regards to Cracking Mayweather Jr: Two words. Shane Mosley.

TurboTime writes: See the Castillo fight. De La Hoya too to an extent. Jabs and Bodyshots, just a ton of punches thrown at whatever part of the body and head. Focusing too hard on landing flush head shots will require too much thinking against the thinking man's fighter in Floyd Mayweather.

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