Zab Judah makes an embarrasing offer to Hatton
By John Benz (Mar 27, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
According to a recent report by The Manchester Evening, Mathew Hatton is quoted on a proposed fight with Zab Judah. Hatton confirmed to the publication that he had been offered a fight in Las Vegas against Zab Judah. The fight was to come off on the eve of his older brother Ricky's match against Manny Pacquiao that is set for May 2nd in Las Vegas.

Hatton also confirmed to the publication that the fight offer was preposterous. Hatton tells the publication
that they were approcahed by Judah's camp, but nothing further materilized: "After the Tackie fight Judah's people approached us about the fight, and we said we were very interested, but they did not get back to us,' said Hatton.

Hatton went on to add that Judah's camp did eventually get back to him, but the cash offered was an embarrasment. "They finally came back to us last week and wanted me to fight Zab on the Friday night before Ricky's fight, said Hatton, adding: "But the money they offered me was embarrassing, to fight a two-weight world champion."

Hatton went on to further state it was a fight he'd love to take, but not at the expense of taking lower pay for a fighter of Judah's skills.

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