Joe Calzaghe disses Boxer Amir Khan during Cocaine Drug Scandal - Sting operation
By Johnny Benz (March 28, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
Joe Calzaghe is making headlines after being caught by an undercover sting set up by The News Of The World, admitting to cocaine and marijuana use. News Of The World video taped Calzaghe in an apartment in London's Mayfair admitting to using cocaine. When confronted by the damaging evidence, Calzaghe came clean and apologized for his abuse of drugs.

During the investigation, while being filmed, Calzaghe also tore into fellow boxer Amir Khan. Calzaghe dissed Khan for
not being exceptional and also stated that Khan can't fight a puncher.

Quoted by News Of The World, Calzaghe dissed Khan, stating: "He's not exceptional. If he fights against a tall guy he'll be knocked out again. He can't fight a puncher."

Calzaghe further dissed Khan for hitting the canvas often. "He's been down like six times in his career. It's early times and he's been down six times. In 26 years of boxing I went down four times."

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