Floyd Mayweather, One Of The Greatest Boxers Ever
By John Benz (Mar 30, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
With the highly anticipated return of Floyd Mayweather Jr. yet to be confirmed, the net is on a buzz. Our DogPounders (members of our Fourm) have lit up the forum with various topics on Mayweather Jr. There isn't a better way to check the pulse of fans, so for you enjoyment I've compiled some great posts in regards to Floyd Mayweather, One Of The Greatest Boxers Ever.

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The thread called "Floyd Mayweather, One Of The Greatest Boxers Ever," was started by DogPounder Champ4Ever.

Champ4Ever writes: Floyd is one of the most talented boxers ever IMO, and people will only realise this when he's properley retired, and the longer he retires, the more people will realise how good he actually was.

he's technically one of the most overall gifted boxers ever in the history of the sport.

what do you guys feel about that?

Damon L. Teal writes: Sadly fighters are judge by there toughest fights and not there sweetest showing. Roy is a perfect example of this. No one excepts his wins against Hopkins and Toney as proof of anything because those fights weren't tough where as many in here rail on and on about how Tarver would've ALWAYS been tough or Johnson ALWAYS would've been tough. People need to see guts and grit to buy off on greatness. PBF was too much better than everyone he fought for there to be any drama.

Chance in response to Champ4Ever writes: I disagree. I really don't see people tout Pernell Whitaker as one of the greatest ever, and he had better competition.

Neil Jones Jr: Skills alone absolutely.

His resume at 130, 135 is pretty impressive, I'd say more impressive than Mosley's at 135.

The problem is above that he's fought hand picked opponents, his best win at 140 was Gatti, at 147 Judah and Baldi and Hatton who at 140 is world class but at 147 is a fringe contender (Collazo is that and he was unlucky not to get the nod) (both got beaten easily in fights after) and De La Hoya (way, way past his best) at 154 who almost beat him, that for me doesn't rank as greatness.

If you'd said most talented I'd have agreed.

Napoleon336 writes: I don't think anyone's denied how talented Floyd is/was. Fans have been frustrated by his unwillingness to fight the best at 147 after he won the title from Baldomir.

Champ4Ever writes: he can box on the backfoot, he can box on the front foot, he's defensively one of the greatest, he can block shots, roll from shots, and counter in the middle of the ring, he's one of the coolest, relaxed fighters on the ropes. normally slick boxers you got to try and cut the ring off, against floyd not only do you have to do that you also have to effectively get him when he's on the ropes, which is actually harder than cutting the ring off against him, which is not an easy task in itself.

his punches are class, he punches with great leverage and balance in tight situations, and his combinations when he lets them go are one of the best in the business right now, his uppercut, and then hook is perfect.

floyd might not be the most loved person in the sport because of his reluctance to fight the regarded best in the higher weight divisions, but people have to realise floyd comes in at 147, and fights guys who come in at 160 and more now, that's hardly unheard of now, and what pac is doing now fighting bigger guys is what floyd has been doing since 2005.

now the truth to the matter is no one knows how good floyd mayweather will be when he comes back because speed and reflexes are the first things to go, but if he is anywhere near as good as he was prior to his short retirement, then i can't wait for hatton-pac to fight him, now on boxing side, it'll be better if it was pac vs floyd, and i would pick floyd to win by stoppage.

Neil Jones Jr response to Champ4Ever: Floyd beating Pac or Hatton at 147 doesn't make him any greater than the guy who beat Ray Robinson at 175.

Floyd talent wise one of the greatest. On achievements no where near it! Why fight Pac at 147? Why not fight the best at 147?

Money yes, but that doesn't buy you greatness...

Champ4Ever responds to Neil Jones Jr: well naturally floyd is not a 147 lb fighter, i don't see the problem with floyd fighting pac and hatton at 147 when they both weigh on the night at the same weight, while the other welterweights now weigh like in the 160's, or high 150's when they fight. i think it shows how good floyd is that he can effectively fight at 147, and still beat guys much bigger, while hatton we know can't, and pac probably will have loads of trouble at that weight aswell.

now the best at 147 is mosley and cotto, i say let them two have a rematch and floyd can fight them.. paul williams seems to be out of the picture at the moment at 147, so the only other good one is pac-hatton winner aswell. Apparently some reckon floyd might fight marquez. so many top bouts at them lower weights, and i can't see floyd losing to any of them if he's as good as he was prior to his retirement.

HeavyweightsDead writes: Talent wise he is one of the best ever IMO.

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