Bernard Hopkins on why he needs the animosity he got from Prison and mean Streets
By John Benz (Mar 30, 2009) Doghouse Boxing        
One thing is for certain about Bernard Hopkins, when he talks, he is always interesting. Hopkins who is no stranger to the means streets of Philadelphia credits his troubled past for keeping him focused. In a recent interview with Ashley Fox for, Hopkins discussed many topics, including his past.

Hopkins who spent time in prison when he was younger, is never lost on the fact of how rough prison was. Because of his past, Hopkins utilizes it as motivation. "When I'm in the ring, I'm the 'hood. I'm
the penitentiary," said Hopkins to the publication.

Hopkins went on to explain why he needs to view the ring as the hood and prison, stating: "For me to go in a ring and fight, I must not like nothing about you, because even as I got advanced and started establishing myself more in the game, I needed something to feed off of. Otherwise I'd say, 'Why am I fighting again?' I need all that animosity."

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