Adam Carolla makes Apology on ripping Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines - Boxing Video
By Johnny Benz (April 5, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
The Philippines is a nation full of great and decent people. Recently US comic, Adam Carrola took time in his off the cuff podcast to rip into Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino community. Yeah, Carolla said some crazy and hurtful sh!t, and its no wonder that Filipinos everywhere are enraged with his comments.

Carrolla is now coming out and formally apologizing for his
incensitive comments. Through his Twitter account, Carrolla apologized to the Filipino community and added that he believes Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter.

Carrallo tweeted on Twitter: "Read your comments. Sorry if I offended many of u. I don't preplan my commentary. I try to be provoctive, funny but I crossed the line & im sorry." Carolla added: "By the way, I think Manny is a great fighter"

You can check out the Audio - YouTube Video of Carrolla's comments on this page. Just press play on the video... but I warn you, if you are easily offended... then don't listen to it. It gets rather crazy.

Video has a run time of just over 6 minutes. (Make sure your Audio is on).

Not sure if Carolla's apology by way of Twitter, will be accepted by the Filipino community... but it is a good thing to see Carolla apologizing... But on Twitter!? But what can any of us say? Humans make mistakes, and Carolla is trying to correct his.

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