Ex Trainer claims Shane Mosley knew he was using drugs in Oscar De La Hoya Fight
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 1, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
This past week in Boxing news, Derryl Hudson, an ex trainer for Shane Mosley, claims the boxer knew he was utilizing performance enhancing drugs from BALCO in 2003 before his fight against Oscar De La Hoya. According to reports in the media, Hudson is suing Mosley for defamation after reading quotes in the media by Mosley claiming that he didn't know he was taking banned drugs from BALCO.

On Friday, Hudson in a sworn declaration filed in federal court indicated that Molsey was completely aware that
he was using performance enhancing drugs leading up to his rematch with De La Hoya.

Hudson in his declaration stated to the court: "I know that Mr. Mosley was aware that the performance-enhancing drugs provided to him by Mr. Conte were banned drugs because I discussed that fact with Mr. Mosley both during and after our visit to BALCO."

Hudson went on to add: "Mr. Mosley admitted to me that he knew the drugs provided to him by Mr. Conte were illegal performance enhancing drugs. It was entirely Mr. Mosley's decision to use the banned drugs. I never recommended to Mr. Mosley that he take banned performance-enhancing drugs, nor did I 'push' drugs on him in any way."

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