Ricky Hatton wants Floyd Mayweather Jr to Compromise
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Negotiations for a rematch between pound for pound King, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Boxing superstar, Ricky Hatton reportedly have started. The fight should happen sometime next year and could be played out at a British venue.

Ricky Hatton who badly wants to avenge his only loss, wants Mayweather Jr to take the rematch at a catchweight.
Hatton feels taking the fight as a welterweight gives Mayweather Jr. the advantage and wants Mayweather Jr. to compromise and shed a few pounds. Reportedly 3 or 4 pounds.

Quoted recently by the Sunday Mirror in regards to the weight issue, Hatton stated: "I'm sure Floyd could come down a few pounds easily enough. He's not the biggest welterweight, so it wouldn't be a problem for him to make the fight at catchweight."

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