Oscar De La Hoya in his own words, why he won't fight Miguel Cotto - If he keeps his Promise
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 19, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
There is a lot of talk these days of a possible clash between Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto. De La Hoya through the media has made his intentions known that he is looking to fight Miguel Cotto should the Puerto Rican fighter get by Antonio Margarito on this upcoming July 26. Personally, I don't think the fight is going to happen... not because I don't think Cotto can beat Margarito, but because of a promise De La Hoya made public last year (and we reported here on Doghouse Boxing) that he would not fight any Puerto Rican fighter. De La Hoya made that promise to his wife.

Speaking to ESPN late last summer, De La Hoya was quoted by the publication in regards to fighting Cotto: "I promised my wife I wouldn't fight any Puerto Ricans," stated De La Hoya

De La Hoya went on to tell ESPN's Dan Rafael: "So, I don't think so. The fight would be great. We would stand toe-to-toe. But I can't do it. It's not because I would be afraid of Cotto or not want to fight."

"I think it's out of respect for Millie. I've had these fights and she's been supportive even though she has wanted me to retire. It's my turn to give a little something back."

De La Hoya added: "She sincerely asked me not to fight Puerto Rican fighters. So I have to respect that."

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