This time its Marijuana that knocks Sechew Powell out - Powell fails Drug Test
Commentary and opinions by Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 20, 2008)  
How's this for a total crock of crap?! Sechew Powell who just last week was knocked out by Deandre Latimore in what is considered an upset, now has more problems to contend with. It seems Powell has tested positive for marijuana and according to a report on ESPN, will now be suspended for 60 days by the New York State Athletic Commission because of the failed test.

Quoted by ESPN, here is what Leon Margules the director for Seminole Warriors Boxing had to
say: "Sechew did fail the drug test after the fight. We're disappointed."

I am not condoning any type of drug consumption, (or even alcohol consumption for that matter) but personally I believe a suspension is way to harsh for someone who tests positive for marijuana. And another thing, I am not even sure why any boxer should be tested for marijuana. Tested for any type of steroids... that I can understand, but to nail a guy for smoking a joint? I don't think Boxers or MMA fighters need to be hassled with tests for marijuana.

Sechew got knocked the "f" out last week (by way of TKO in round 7)... and personally, I think that's punishment enough. Someone needs to rethink the rules on testing fighters for marijuana and handing out suspensions over it.

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