Amir Khan disses David Beckham
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (June 20, 2008)  
Amir Khan is making waves around the world thanks to his awesome abilities in boxing, however as fame keeps following Khan, he insists he won't quit his home country, England. Khan is adamant that no matter how successful he may become, he insists he won't quit England the way David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton have.

Recently quoted in the Sun Uk, Khan states: "You can’t leave your home town. I’ve a gym in Bolton, my friends and family are from Bolton and I’m never going to leave Bolton." Khan added: "A lot of
people ask me ‘Why don’t you live in London or move abroad to get away from everything’? But I’ll never do that. I love Bolton and, when I become world champion and when I retire, will always live in Bolton."

Aside from claiming he'd never leave his country such as Beckham has, Khan also took a swipe at Beckham for being on the front page of newspapers in his underwear. Khan states he'd also never do that and will stick to being normal.
"No, I don’t want to copy David Beckham and be on the front of newspapers in my underwear. That is too big for me. I’ll stick to being normal," said Khan.

Khan is back in action this Saturday in Birmingham when he takes on Michael Gomez.

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