George Foreman on why he named all his sons "George"
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 21, 2008)  
In a recent interview with Sport Illustrated, George Foreman discussed many things and also answered many questions asked by the publication. One of the questions asked of the former Heavyweight Champion of the World was why he named all his sons after his own name, George?

When asked by Sports Illustrated why he name all five of his sons after himself, Foreman stated: "My biological father -- until I had lost the heavyweight championship of the world and one of my sisters told me that dad isn't really my dad -- I loved. [My sister said that] I had a biological father and I actually met him."

Foreman went on to add: "It was a tough time because I had lot [going on with] my title and I was devastated and I had a father out there that I didn't even know. I actually ended up preaching at his funeral. This was my father and I didn't even know him and I decided then I would give all my sons something in case they got separated or divided, something they would all have in common and that's why I gave them my name. That's the reason I really did it."

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