Is Joe Calzaghe into Lacy Undies? Girlfriend Spills the Beans!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 23, 2008)  
Joe Calzaghe is blessed with talent, fame, money and a hot girlfriend that goes with it all. Calzaghe has been dating Jo-Emma Larvin, 27-year-old, for the past 4 years. In a recent interview in the Daily Star, Larvin discussed many things regarding her relationship with Calzaghe, including intimate details regarding their love life.

In regards to some of the juicy details, Larvin admits she loves to dress up for Calzaghe, but admits he's not a regular guy, as he is not a fan of lacy underwear. Quoted by the publication, Larvin stated: "I love dressing up for him. He’s not a typical bloke. He doesn’t like lacy undies." (Perhaps this would explain the beating he laid on Jeff Lacy... * Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Larvin went on to discuss what Calzaghe does like, which included silk garments, super short mini skirts, and small tops. Larvin stated: "He goes wild for silk nighties, wisps of things. He’s also mad about towering high heels worn with very short skirts, the miniest of mini, and maybe a tiny little vest top."

Larvin, bless her heart, didn't stop there. She added more, but finally admitted that Calzaghe is a private person, who will probably kill her for letting all this info out. "He also likes me in a slinky, ultra-sophisticated, clinging evening gown, something chic. Although he’s a very private man and he’ll probably kill me for telling you!" stated Larvin.

Please Joe, don't kill her.... instead get her to do more interviews, PLEASE!

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