Winky Wright insists Jeff Lacy is not Retired from Boxing
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 26, 2008)  
On Friday Jeff Lacy told the Tampa Tribune he was retiring from Boxing and he wasn't going forward with a fight against Jermain Taylor. Lacy stated: "I'm retiring, there will be no fight between me and Jermain." Lacy's only reason he gave for for quitting was that boxing was a dirty business.

Middleweight boxer Ronald "Winky" Wright has yet to speak with Lacy after his shocking retirement statement, but insists he knowns Lacy isn't through with boxing just yet.

Quoted by the Tampa Tribune in regards to Lacy quitting, Winky stated: "He ain't done. He's probably mad, but he ain't done. I know he's not done."

In regards to Lacy stating it's a dirty business, Winky added: "It is a shady business. You deal with a lot of shady characters, so it's hard to deal with it, and a lot of people don't want to deal with it."

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