The Smart Ass - Floyd Mayweather Jr is Now the King of Wall Street
The Hard Punch by Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 1, 2008)  
Retirement seems to be working well for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather Jr. who amassed fame and fortune in the boxing ring, certainly doesn't need boxing these days. Recently Mayweather Jr. went on record with the Grand Rapids Press discussing some of his recent spending.

Mayweather Jr. made about $100 million in gross purses, but admits he has made much more outside of the ring. In fact Mayweather Jr. is doing so well that he recently acquired some high end purchases. Purchases such as a brand spanking new Jet aircraft worth an astounding $26 million. If ruling the Skies in a brand new jet isn't enough, Mayweather Jr. can also be king of the waves with a brand new Yacht worth $20 million. Mayweather Jr. also recently scored himself a new home in Vegas worth $18.5 million, plus another home in Miami costing $11 million.

Mayweather Jr. doesn't credit his latest bout of spending from his earning he made in the ring, but rather the money he has invested. Mayweather Jr. plans on being a Billionaire by the end of this year, telling the Grand Rapids Press: "I was truly, truly blessed to have good people around me and I was smart during my career. I made great investments. By the end of this year, I should be a billionaire."

Mayweather Jr. added: "I went from the ring to Wall Street, that's all I can tell people."

I for one am happy to see Mayweather Jr. doing so well in retirement. I wish all boxers would be fortunate enough and smart with their winnings from boxing. I hope Mayweather Jr. enjoys all that money has to offer him...but I also hope he remembers he made every penny he has, including what he is making on Wall Street, from the money he got from the pockets of hard working fans who paid a small fortune for his Pay-Per-Views. People who work 40 hours a week and more just to survive. Real f*ckin People. Mayweather Jr. may have all the God given talents that made him an awesome boxer... but all his money came from the fans. The kind of fans who support Boxing and make it impossible for Congress to pass laws banning Boxing. Without those fans, their support, their money....then Mayweather Jr. more than likely would have ended up a penniless Bum on the streets of Detroit. Sure, these days he'd like you to think he is a smart Wall Street Bloke... but come on! Who is Mayweather Jr. kidding?

In the end, Boxing doesn't need Mayweather Jr. Boxing never needed Mayweather Jr. It was Mayweather Jr. who needed Boxing.

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