Bernard Hopkins giving Free Gas to Drivers plus a Dodge Avenger... Did I mention Free Gas!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 3, 2008)  
Bernard Hopkins may be one mean mofo in the ring, but outside of it, no such thing. Hopkins who prides himself on being a great role model in his community was out this morning pumping Cars with Free Gas to match money donated by drivers today, in hopes of buying computers for selected city schools.

Hopkins pumped free gas at the BP gas station at 1850 S. Columbus Blvd. (Philly). The Gas Giveaway was part of a promotion in co-operation with Boost Mobile. All donations made by motorists went towards the Bernard and Shirley Hopkins Make a Way Foundation

Quoted by Peter Mucha of, Hopkins stated in regards to the event: "We're helping people at a crucial time. There are people that care. Boost Mobile, they care. Bernard Hopkins cares."

A radio station that was also part of the event was giving away a Dodge Avenger, that was personally customized by Hopkins. The winner will of the car will be announced on Oct. 24.

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