Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga: Bunch of Sissies, Where's The Bitchin'!?
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 10, 2008)  
I always tune into Shane Mosley fights. Why? Simple reason. Win or lose, I always get my monies worth. It's the same reason I never miss a fight with Ricardo Mayorga. So you add these two together and throw them in the ring... I am there!

Yet I am a little miffed and it's bordering being pissed. Fight night is approaching fast with the date of September 27th and I have yet to hear any real hype on this fight from either fighter. Where the hell is
the onslaught of insults we can expect from Mayorga? And where is Mosley? Mosley is good at stoking a fire.

Ok, so they are training. I understand that. But can we light a fire under this promotion already? Can we get some headline grabbing insults and let us know how you plan on destroying one another? Can't Shane gets his wife Jin to verbally beat on Mayorga and wake up the beast already?! Jin vs. Mayorga.... I am expecting it!

I am so bored of all the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao hype we've had over the last few month. I'd like to see Boxing get back to business and with a massive fight such as Mosley vs Mayorga happening this month... there is no excuse.

I am calling on both camps, let the bombs and fireworks start already. This fight deserves so much more attention. Can we get a little pulse on it? Can we kick this shit into high gear and get the fans in a proper frenzy?! What's the problem? What's the hold up?

Is this Sissy vs. Sissy or Mosley vs. Mayorga... am I the only one excited?! Make some noise already!

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