Ricky Hatton finally talks Dirty: Brings Paulie Malignaggi a Surprise
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 17, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
With Ricky Hatton vs Paulie Malignaggi set for November 22nd, it's finally good to see Hatton making some noise in the press. I've complained that Hatton has been missing in action and when he missed a press conference this past weekend, I was wondering if we'd ever hear from Hatton or would Malignaggi be the only one promoting the bout. Thankfully it seems the beast in Hatton has finally awaken.

Yesterday Hatton showed up for a press conference with a little surprise. Hatton showed up with a
dreadlock from Malignaggi's head. The dreadlock was found back in May at the City of Manchester Stadium when Malignaggi faced off against Lovemore N'Dou. Malignaggi had his corner trim some of his hair in the middle of his fight with N'Dou. Some of that hair made it on to the floor where it was picked up a member from team Hatton.

Yesterday Malignaggi was reunited with his hair thanks to Hatton. The hair came with some nasty words from Hatton. "Maybe Paulie will get scalped again in Las Vegas!" said Hatton.

Hatton is aware just how slick Malignaggi is and doesn't epxcet to blow him away. Hatton stated: "I'm sure the fans want to see me blow him away but I have to be a little more cute in this bout."

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