Joe Calzaghe Disses Bernard Hopkins and Praises Roy Jones Jr, Jeff Lacy and Mikkel Kessler
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 19, 2008)  
As Joe Calzaghe gets set to take on Roy Jones Jr. at Madison Square Garden this coming November 8th, one thing is for sure, Calzaghe believes the fight has everything needed to be a great one. Speaking to the Sun Uk, Calzaghe discussed many things, including why he knows the fight will be a good one. Calzaghe dropped previous fights in his example, giving praise to Jeffy Lacy and Mikkell Kessler but not Bernard Hopkins.

Calzaghe stated to the publication that with 25 years under his belt in the bussiness, he's got pretty good
judgement on what fights will be good ones and which ones will be stinkers. "I knew Jeff Lacy would be a good fight, I knew Mikkel Kessler would be an explosive fight," said Calzaghe who went on to diss Hopkins, stating: "I knew Bernard Hopkins would be a bad fight because he is very defensive and likes to hold and I wasn’t looking forward to that fight"

Calzaghe is sure Jones Jr. will be a different fight then the one he had with Hopkins because of Jones Jr's skills and lack of holding in fights. Calzaghe stated: "But with Roy, he doesn’t hold. He’s got fast hands, I’ve got fast hands. He can punch, he’s got great movement and he likes to showboat and so do I. This fight’s going to have everything."."

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