UFC 103: Vitor Belfort speaks after defeating Rich Franklin
By Johnny Benz (Sept 20, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
If you watched UFC 103 Tonight, then you witnessed a very fast and explosive main event as Victor Belfort with little over 3 minutes in the first round finished off Rich Franklin with some brutal punching.

Belfort stalked his prey from the moment the fight started and patiently waited for Franklin to make a mistake. The fight ended when Franklin threw a couple of rights and Belfort responded with a left that hit Franklin dropped the American to his knees, while on his knees Belfort hit him hard with another left. Franklin went down face first on the canvas.

Belfort then hit Franklin with three more punches to the side of Franklin's head. The Referee had seen enough and stopped the fight in the opening round at 3:02.

After the fight an extremely happy Belfort thanked the fans, his family and God. Belfort stated: "I want to thank of all the fans. I miss this vibe. I trained so hard, away from my family for three months. God gave me the gift of speed and power."

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