Oscar De La Hoya says big chance of Ricky Hatton vs Juan Manuel Marquez
By Johnny Benz (Oct 5, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Ignacio "Nacho" Beristain, who trains Juan Manuel Marquez believes that there is a huge possibility of Juan Manuel Marquez facing off against Ricky Hatton.

Beristain speaking on ESPN's Spanish TV program "Golpe a Golpe," was told by Boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya that there is a big chance of Marquez vs Hatton coming off.

On the chance of his fighter facing Ricky Hatton, Beristain confirmed Oscar De La Hoya had told him there was a good chance of the fight happening, Beristain stated: "De La Hoya told us there is a big possibility that the Hatton vs Marquez fight will happen."

Beristain is happy about the prospect of pitting Marquez against Hatton and is even willing to have the fight take place in England. "We would love to go to England and fight Ricky," stated Beristain, adding: "Juan liked the idea and those are our plans."

In terms of a challenge as well as a financially good fight, Beristain went on to state: "I think Hatton is a great fighter who will present a whole different style to Juan and Marquez will have to use all his experience and ring savvy to beat Hatton. I think Hatton still has a lot left and I hope the fight get made because is a good challenge and is a good fight for Marquez financially also."

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