Big Interview with "Money" Floyd Mayweather Jr
By Johnny Benz (Oct 8, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Fox Business is all about the Money. You want to talk cash, money, investments and whatever... Fox Business is a great TV program (TV Channel) to tune your TV set to. So imagine my surprise when Neil Cavuto interviewed the Money man himself, Floyd Mayweather Jr on Fox TV. We got the video below with Neil Cavuto and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In this video, Fox makes it clear, boxing is not dead. Not with Floyd Mayweather Jr. making over $300 million in the last 3 fights! Folks, you don't need me to tell you... that's freaking amazing dollar!

The video interview also discusses people who mooch and take advantage of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Also Floyd Mayweather Jr. comes clean on why he was on "Dancing with the Stars". Floyd Mayweather Jr. is thankful to the fans of that TV Show.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. talks with Neil Cavuto on Boxing, WWE, Business and too much for me to mention here. Enjoy the Video! I certainly did!

Check out the video now by pressing play.

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