Floyd Mayweather Jr on what is tougher - Pro Boxing or NFL Football?
By Johnny Benz (Oct 9, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Floyd Mayweather Jr has been literally everywhere the last few days. From TV Interviews with Giant cable Networks such as CBS Sports, MTV News to Neil Cavuto and Fox News. Basically, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made it hard for you not to see him on your TV screen sometime during this past week.

In Mayweather's latest outing, he visited with NFL Football team the New York Jets' at their practice facility. The Jets had invited Floyd Mayweather Jr. to their to practice. During the visit, Mayweather Jr. spoke directly to the team.

Mayweather Jr. told the NFL team that it was his first time at an NFL training camp. "This is my first time coming to an NFL training camp," stated Mayweather Jr. who would then go on to admit he had bet money in the past on NFL games in the past. "I've bet enough money on them," said Mayweather Jr.

After watching an New York Jets in training mode, Mayweather Jr. was not sure which sport, boxing or football was harder out of the two. In regards to which sport was tougher, Mayweather Jr. could not make a choice, instead he stated that both sports are "very, very brutal contact sports."

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