Joe Calzaghe furious over what a "Bloody Idiot" did to his Car!
By Johnny Benz (Oct 9, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Yesterday in Blackwood, South Wales, as Joe Calazghe sat in his car, a high performance Audi RS4, a city construction vehicle, a Digger plowed into the side of it. Calzaghe was not hurt, but his 155 mph car suffered an estimated £8,000 in auto body repairs.

After being smacked by the construction vehicle as he sat inside his Audi RS4, witnesses say that an enraged Calzaghe jumped out of automobile, and called the surprised driver of the Digger a "bloody idiot".

Calzaghe quickly calmed down and exchanged insurance information with the other driver and then left for a meeting at the Newbridge Boxing Club.

Steve Davies, 44, who witnessed the car accident, was quoted by the SUN UK, in regards to what he saw, stating: "The driver realized who he had hit and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But Joe soon calmed down."

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