Mike Tyson on why he was Pissed at Evander Holyfield and why the Ear Bite
By Johnny Benz (Oct 13, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
Some people only have the type of baggage you check on to a plane or take with you to a Hotel. Mike Tyson on the other hand has the type of baggage he carries on his back everywhere he goes.

One incident that everyone remembers is "the bite" Tyson gave on Evander Holyfield's ear when the two faced off for a second time in the 1990s. Since the incident, Tyson has had a lot of time to reflect, and although he didn't regret his actions at the time, he does now.

On Monday, Mike Tyson was interviewed by Oprah on her television show. Tyson spoke out on many things and shared a lot with the TV audience, including the ear biting incident.

Tyson admits to Oprah: "I was pissed off that he (Holyfield) was such a great fighter ... I was just mad at him." Tyson would go on to tell Oprah's TV audience: "I didn't feel guilty at all," and that his apology at the time to Tyson "wasn't sincere."

Since the time of the incident, Tyson has not really spoken to Evander Holyfield. His reasoning for not speaking to Holyfield: "I see him sometimes, I think he's a little leery of me. I just want to apologize." Tyson went on to add: "I've known him for such a long time, and I was just undisciplined. I was in a very competitive mood and I wanted so desperately to beat him for my own self-aggrandizement, and I was just upset."

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