Mike Tyson snapped after pet bird killed and smeared on his Face!
By Johnny Benz (Oct 13, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
It has been told before that when Mike Tyson was a young kid, he suffered abuse at the hands of local bullies. On Monday in front of a Oprah Winfrey's TV audience, Tyson spoke out on a life changing event because of the actions of bullies. It was the event that got him going towards the path of boxing.

Before Mike Tyson embarked on journey into boxing, a young Tyson kept and raised racing Pigeons. He kept them on a rooftop and dedicated his life to training the birds.

One day while taking care of his birds, the local bullies came up to the rooftop to pay Tyson a visit. Tyson on the incident told Oprah's TV audience: "I said: 'Mommy, please. They're taking my birds.' I called my mom to help me. One guy took the bird, and he just ripped open the neck, and he just puts the bird in my face." It was at this point that Tyson knew he had "fight" in him. Tyson went on to add on TV:  "Somebody said,' Mike, fight him.' And I just fought him."

Oprah asked Tyson if that was the beginning and Tyson stated that "yes" it was. The rest is basically history... Tyson would go on to become one of the best and most feared heavyweight boxer of all time.

Personally I do not care for the Oprah Winfrey TV show, but this was one TV episode certainly not worth missing. Oprah did a really good job of interviewing Tyson, by getting some deep and emotional responses from the former Heavyweight Champion. What can I say... something on my TV that was actually worth my time.

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