What could end up being Manny Pacquiao's Downfall in Boxing!
By Johnny Benz (Nov 25, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
Manny Pacquiao is a classic case of a "Rags to Riches" story. From growing up dirt poor to being one of the richest Athletes on the planet. The fame, money and love he has gotten came through on the vessel of Boxing. Through Boxing, many doors have been opened for Pacquiao. Doors that have led him to endorsements, movie deals, singing records, tons of money and the list goes on. These seem like great doors for Pacquiao to open, and giving his rough start in life, who can blame him for walking through these doors? Still, there are some doors better left unopened... at least while Pacquiao is still in the game of professional Boxing.

Some doors aren't doors at all, but rather cleverly disguised boxes that may look like a door but in reality is nothing more than a gateway to opening a Pandora's box. One such door, and it worries me to see Pacquiao walking through it, is the Political world.

After his thrilling 12th round TKO of Miguel Cotto earlier this month, Pacquiao went home to the Philippines and told his People: "My plan to run in the elections next year is on. The reason I am running for Congress is that my town needs somebody who can bring in more economic opportunities for my people."

I understand and admire Pacquiao a great deal for thinking about the little people in his town.... after all Pacquiao's life growing up was anything but easy... but jumping into the Political ring is suicide for Pacquiao's boxing career and popularity.

You want to see your popularity dwindle faster than Superman can fold Laundry? Get into Politics.

Here is my problem with Pacquiao wanting to get into Politics. He is in his prime right now, and he owes it to the Boxing world to keep his shit together more than ever. If he runs in 2010, then should we as fans expect much from him? You'll probably see him fight once in 2010 (against Floyd Mayweather Jr) and that will be it. He will have too many outside political commitments and distractions to be able to take Boxing seriously anymore. At a time when he is hitting his stride in popularity and prime in Boxing, it looks like he will be plucked away from it all for Politics.

I understand why Politicians want to be seen with Pacquiao or have him run under their Parties in an election. Politicians always want to line themselves up with a winning team and will say and do anything to be victorious on election night. My opinion, these people are using Pacquiao.

At least for now, Pacquiao needs to stay away from Politics. His best in Boxing is yet to come and he owes the Boxing community first. We deserve his undivided attention during his years of Prime. At the pinnacle of his career, we want the best of Pacquiao now, so Politics must (and rightfully so) wait.

If Pacquiao really wants to see the downfall of his glorious career in Boxing, then running in the 2010 elections is the easiest way to get there. I have heard of the term "Political Suicide" and in this case to me, joining Politics will be suicide for Pacquiao's Boxing career.

Aside from Pacquiao's solid skills and willingness to learn from the legendary Freddie Roach, Pacquiao must credit his fame to Boxing Fans. Without our support, without Boxing... where would Pacquiao be right now? Probably not in a position to be wealthy and famous enough to run for Political office.

Boxing may have opened a lot of doors for Pacquiao, but the door leading to the Political world is one door that MUST remain shut for now. After Pacquiao retires, then by all means... I hope he runs for Office... but for now running for Office is not a reward for the Boxing fans and not a good move for his Boxing career. Pacquiao has a few more fights left in him, perhaps a few good years left... he owes these years to Boxing and the legacy he has started by way of the sport. He owes these final years to the fans and not to Politics. If he wants to help his community out...then perhaps donate some money to help his town, but keep fighting. The Political ring will be waiting for Pacquiao in a few short years... but the Boxing ring won't be, for as each day passes Pacquiao is one day closer to true retirement from the sport.

In Closing...

Who made who? Did Boxing make Pacquiao the man he is today, or was it Politics? I think the Boxing fans deserve the next few years of Pacquiao much more than Politics. In my opinion, if Pacquiao runs in 2010 it will be the beginning of his downfall... and that is something I do not want to see. Let us hope that Pacquiao does the right thing and gives his best years to boxing. How many years does Pacquiao have left for Boxing at the championship level? Not many. He should dedicate these last few years to Boxing... and then afterwards he can devote decades to Politics.

I like Pacquiao, he is simply amazing and I only want what is best for him. In this case, what is best is that his focus remain on Boxing. My mesage to Manny Pacquiao... Please, at least for now stay out of Politics... don't let it be your downfall.

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