Oscar De La Hoya speaks: I’d get in the ring tomorrow if...
By Johnny Benz (Dec 4, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
Oscar De La Hoya was not only shocked, but he was also saddened to see Roy Jones Jr. lose by first round knock out to Danny Green this past Wednesday in Australia. De La Hoya believes Roy Jones Jr. should retire, hang up the gloves and call it a day on his career.

Writing in his blog for Ring TV, Oscar De La Hoya pleaded that Roy Jones Jr. should retire and also discussed his case and why he himself recently decided to retire.

In regards to his particular case, De La Hoya wrote: "In my case, I recognized that my skills were diminishing. It wasn’t that my desire for the sport wasn’t there." De La Hoya added: "If I had the skills and reflexes, I’d get in the ring tomorrow."

De La Hoya went on to discuss what he recognized in himself that told him it was time for retirement. De la Hoya wrote: "I just recognized that I don't have it any more; I'm not the same as I was. I was very lucky to find that out and then stand firm on my decision to retire."

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