Floyd Mayweather Jr pulls out - Arum calls the move "Ludicrous"
By Johnny Benz (Dec 10, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
There is more news to report on the cancellation from team Mayweather in regards to not wanting to fight Manny Pacquiao at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. According to a report in the Grand Rapids Press, Promoter Bob Arum was told by Richard Schaefer, who represents Floyd Mayweather Jr in negotiations that their side is not interested in fighting in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Arum received a call late Tuesday night that Mayweather's side was not interested in having the fight held at the new 1.2
billion dollar stadium. The reason they gave Arum for not wanting the fight at that location is "ludicrous".

Schaefer told Arum that team Mayweather isn't interested in having the the proposed March 13th fight held in an outdoor stadium.

Arum feels they maybe they have a good reason for not wanting the fight held at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but the reason they gave him was not a good one, all considering that the Dallas Cowboy Stadium has a retractable roof. Basically at the push of a button the state of the art facility can be used as an indoor Stadium as well as an outdoor one. in simple words, the Cowboys Stadium has a roof.

In regards to the reason Schaefer gave Arum for not wanting the fight at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arum quoted by the Grand Rapids Press stated: "But the reason he gave me is not a good reason. It's ludicrous."

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