Boxing Adviser for Floyd Mayweather Jr say Internet report is "Absolutely Absurd"!
By Johnny Benz (Dec 16, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
The adviser for Floyd Mayweather Jr., the highly respected Leonard Ellerbe is coming out and totally denying an internet report as "absolutely absurd". Ellerbe was speaking in reference to an internet report that claimed an "unknown source" as stating that Mayweather Jr. might not fight Manny Pacquiao on the proposed date of March 13th because of weight issues. The report claimed Mayweather Jr. was looking to find some extra "wiggle room" on the weight limit.

Speaking to David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press, Ellerbe denied the report as being totally absurd and went on to say: "There have been a lot of erroneous reports out there." Ellerbe went on to add to his statement: "And I don't know where they come from." (In reference to the false report.)

Aside from denying the report of Mayweather Jr. pulling out because of weight issues as being false, Ellerbe added to Mayo that really the only thing he could tell the publication in regards to the ongoing negotiations is that both teams, his side and Pacquiao's side are working extremely hard to get the fight done.

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