Amir Khan on why he won't Marry his Girlfriend right Now
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Mar 30, 2009)  
Quoted recently by the Daily UK, Amir Khan spoke out on his girlfriend who he has been dating now for many years. Khan says he would consider marrying his girlfriend, but right now he is married to boxing.

When not involved with his boxing, Khan like to split his free time between his family and his girlfriend. Khan says his girlfriend is very respective of his career and lets him concentrate on his fighting. "I have a girlfriend. She is a nice girl and lives not far from Bolton. She is very supportive of my boxing career, she leaves me to it to concentrate on my fighting. She knows that comes first," said Khan.

Khan says the relationship is serious. They've been involved for several years and she gets along well with his mum and dad. As serious as their relationship is right now, it's his relationship with boxing that comes first. "I have been seeing her a few years. I would consider marriage but at the moment I am married to boxing. I want to achieve all my goals first," said Khan.

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