Boxing's Favorite Son - Oscar De La Hoya
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 15, 2009) Photo © Tom Hogan - HoganPhotos/Golden Boy Promotions  
With Oscar De La Hoya's announcement of retirement, I can honestly say there goes my favorite boxer. Although he is my favorite, I feel good about his retirement. I think it was the right thing to do.

A strong part of me wanted him to continue. Why? Because if Shane Mosley taught us anything after his fight with Antonio Margarito, there is still a lot of kick left in what some might foolishly consider an old mule. Same goes with the lessons we've been learning from Bernard Hopkins as of late. I know De La Hoya has a lot that "Golden" material left in him... but what's the point?! I am at peace with his decision to quit now at the age of 36.

He has made a lot of money in boxing, as well as made a lot of fans happy. Some of my personal favorites were his fights against Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga. I also enjoyed his battle with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Those fights amongst many others were all worth paying for and certainly made me and countless others happy.

So why was he my favorite? I liked him for not only what he accomplished inside the ring, but also for the way he was a great ambassador for the sport. I loved how he kept busy fighting as well as promoting other venues and boxers. He was awesome in the ring and always brought excitement with him. If you loved him or hated him, you wanted to tune in and watch him fight. I loved how he was anything but a Chicken. He looked for the best and he fought the best. Bottom line, if we had more De La Hoya's in the sport... the sport would be untouchable.

With his retirement from professional prize fighting, we can still expect him to be around boxing till the day he dies thanks to his company Golden Boy Promotions. So I don't see this as the end of De La Hoya. God willing, we will still get to enjoy him for years to come.

Have a Happy Retirement Champ! Thank for the "Golden" Memories and for the ones still to come!

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