Wladimir Klitschko disses David Haye
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 17, 2009)  
Wladimir Klitschko is certain that David Haye is in a world of trouble when the two face off on June 20th. Klitschko is not impressed with the t-shirt Haye wore to yesterday's press conference in Germany that depicts Haye holding the severed heads of both Klitschko brothers above their corpses.

At the conference Wladimir dissed Haye, stating: “I wanted to bring a towel to get the sweat off his head. But I do not want to see his wetted pants."

In regards to the t-shirt worn by Haye, Wladimir was disgusted by Haye's behavior and promised he would get punished for it. "His behavior is disgusting," said Wladimir, adding: "and he will get punished for it. I do not agree with the things he has been doing, like coming here with this t-shirt. That simply is not right. It is very cheeky."

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