Yahoo already going Bonkers for UFC 97
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 18, 2009)  
If you want to know just how popular tonight's UFC 97 is, you just need to visit the homepage of Utilizing Yahoo's top search information, UFC 97 is one hot item amongst people using Yahoo's popular search engine.

So how well is UFC 97 doing in terms of searches? Very hot! As of now UFC 97 is the 4th most sought out topic across Yahoo's network. Top searches are published on Yahoo's homepage, which is the Internet's hottest piece of real estate. Don't believe me? Check out independent traffic research sites like and and see Yahoo's number 1 rank for yourself.

The only subjects hotter than UFC 97 are 3 women. Amy Smart is number one, followed by Drew Barrymore and Lisa Loeb. To see the full top 10 search on Yahoo, just look at the image top right featured on this page.

Tune into tonight's UFC 97. For start times and Pay-Per-View info, check your local cable or satellite provider.

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