Paulie Malignaggi says Manny Pacquiao, Zab Judah, Kendall Holt and Timothy Bradley can KO Ricky Hatton
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 21, 2009)  
Although Paulie Malignaggi lost to Ricky Hatton, he still believes there are plenty of fighters out there who can defeat Hatton. In a recent article by Thomas Gerbasi of MaxBoxing, amongst many topics hit on, Malignaggi discussed Hatton.

In regards to some of the fighters he believes could knock out Hatton, Malignaggi tells Gerbasi: "I got out of the ring with Hatton and you know what I said? Kendall Holt will knock this guy out, Tim Bradley will knock this guy out, Zab Judah will knock this guy out, and the winner of (Manny) Pacquiao-(Oscar) De La Hoya will knock this guy out."

Malignaggi insist that none of his feelings towards Hatton is due to sour grapes because Hatton defeated him. "This isn’t even a knock on Hatton. People will read this and say ‘Paulie’s being a sore loser,’" said Malignaggi, adding: "Hatton and his family treated me unbelievably; they were the nicest people I’ve met in this business; they’re awesome people. So this is not a personal knock on Ricky, but at the end of the day, I call it as I see it."

A frustrated Malignaggi tells Gerbasi he wasn't the same fighter when he fought Hatton because his fighting style under the guidance of Buddy McGirt wasn't working for him. Malignaggi believes his old style before McGirt would have made it impossible for Hatton to defeat him. "Some people don’t like my honesty, and some people think I’m making stuff up because I’m a sore loser. But I will take this to my grave, and people can call me crazy, call me a sore loser, call me whatever they want, but if I’m Paulie Malignaggi, Ricky Hatton doesn’t touch me in the ass with a handful of rice for 12 rounds,” said Malignaggi.

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