Joe Calzaghe on Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins, Kelly Pavlik and Jeff Lacy
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 21, 2009)  
In a recent article penned by Joe Calzaghe for the South Wales Argus, Calzaghe discussed many topics. One of the topics Calzaghe hit on was Roy Jones Jr's recent win over Omar Sheika.

Calzaghe said he was pleased with Jones Jr's recent victory. "I was pleased to see Roy Jones get back on the winning trail recently against another old foe, Omar Sheika," stated Calzaghe, adding: "and now Jones is lining up Jeff Lacy."

Calzaghe feels that if Jones Jr gets back in the title hunt that people will take note and realize Jones Jr. still has it, in the same way they realized Bernard Hopkins still has what it takes. "If Roy gets back into the world title hunt, perhaps people will realize he has still ‘got it’ just like Hopkins did when I beat him. I didn’t get the credit for that fight until Hopkins smashed Kelly Pavlik and it’s the same story with Jones. It’s amazing how many people have ‘off nights’ against me!" wrote Calzaghe.

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