Paulie Malignaggi's Ferrari has an Engine from a Kia in It!
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 22, 2009)  
Imagine if you will a bright red shiny Ferrari. On the outside, the Exotic sports Car Ferrari looks absolutely amazing. But what if that beautiful Ferrari didn't have a super fast V-12 motor that it is famous for, but instead had an engine from Kia?! Well, not such a beautiful Ferrari anymore... that is for sure! That's exactly how Paulie Malignaggi felt about himself recently. He was a Ferrari running with a Kia engine.

In a rather interesting interview conducted by Thomas Gerbasi of MaxBoxing, Malignaggi spoke on his recent
split from trainer Buddy McGirt. McGirt's style of training did not work well for Malignaggi, and that left Malignaggi fighting in a way that made him look less than stellar.

In regards to how Malignaggi felt of his transition under the guidance of McGirt, Malignaggi told Gerbasi: “It’s like you have a Ferrari and you took out the Ferrari engine and you put a Kia engine inside it. You’re not driving a Ferrari anymore; it just looks like it."

Saturday on SHOWTIME, Malignaggi (25-2) takes on Chris Fernandez (16-6-1). Malignaggi who still likes McGirt isn't using him as a trainer anymore. Malignaggi is using Brooklyn trainer Sherif Younan for this weekend's battle.

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