Peter McNeeley getting Mike Tyson Prank Calls!
By John Benz, Doghouse Boxing (April 22, 2009)  
Peter McNeeley who is mostly remembered for his fight with Mike Tyson, was recently quoted by the Herald News in regards to prank calls he still gets over that fight. In the 90's, McNeely was the first man to get a crack at Tyson after Tyson left prison for serving 3 years on a rape conviction. In that fight, McNeely's corner threw in the towel before the first round was complete.

McNeeley who has a great sense of humor about it all, tells the publication he still has people calling him
up and prank calling him over the Tyson fight in which he lasted a mere 89 seconds.

"People are still prank calling me about that fight," said McNeeley to the Herald News, adding: "I guess someone posted my number somewhere on the Internet, and now I get a bunch of college kids, probably with a few beers in them, still calling me."

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