Mike Tyson's Daughter in the Hospital on Life Support
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for DoghouseBoxing (May 26, 2009)  
Some very tragic news to report regarding Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter who is in the hospital on life support. According to reports, police state Tyson's daughter is on life support after she was found by her older brother on Monday with a cable around her neck.

The brother who is 7 years old found his sister on a treadmill. Her neck wrapped in a cable that was attached to the exercise machine. Police Sgt. Andy Hill was quoted by the media, indicating it was "tragic accident."

After being found by her brother, the boy called to his mother for help. She was able to take the cable off of the child's neck and then called 911 for emergency assistance.

Emergency responders performed CPR and rushed her off to the hospital. Sgt. Hill states that child is in extremely critical condition and remains on life support,

Sgt. Hill indicated that the child somehow while playing on the treadmill got caught up in a cord that is part of the console. The cord acted like a noose and the child could not get herself out of it.

Tyson who was in Las Vegas at the time he heard the news, dropped what he was doing an immediately flew back to Phoenix to be with his daughter.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tyson's daughter, as well as Tyson's family and close friends. Please say a prayer tonight for this young child and her Family.

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