Does Floyd Mayweather Jr have Broken Ribs? Team De La Hoya answers
By Johnny Benz, Benz Report for Doghouse Boxing (June 15, 2009)  
As we reported here yesterday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has sustained a rib injury that has sidelined him and postponed his July 18th PPV battle against Juan Manuel Marquez. CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, Richard Schaefer tells the Grand Rapids press that he hopes to have a rescheduled fight date by the end of the week and is shooting for sometime in September.

Quoted in the Grand Rapids Press, Schaefer who is highly respected in the industry also discussed
Floyd Mayweather Jr's injury. Although Schaefer is hoping to have the fight come off in September, he is not rushing anything. Schaefer quoted by the publication stated: "Floyd is in a lot of pain right now. We'll just have to wait and see what happens after he goes to the doctor later this week."

Schaefer further stated that Mayweather Jr's injury occured in the middle of last week and wasn't sure if the injury happened in sparring. Although Schaefer did not give away too many details, he did confirm that Mayweather Jr did not break any of his ribs but has some sort of "cartilage damage" that will need medical attention. Mayweather Jr has been advised by a physician to halt his training.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Mauel Marquez in September J.Benz

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